October 30, 2013

Become a Client

ELR helps law firms and companies achieve excellent hiring results. Why do our clients choose to partner with us? There are many reasons, including to:

Attract the Best Candidates.

Most of our clients spend numerous hours refining their business strategy, improving their management style, and perfecting their product or service. Often, though, they leave their hiring process to chance: waiting to receive a resume or placing an advertisement and hoping for the best. The best candidates – the ones who are currently thriving in good positions – won’t be attracted by these methods. We will enter the marketplace of candidates on our clients’ behalf in a considered, strategic fashion. We help our clients make their hiring plan as deliberate and successful as the rest of their business.

Craft a Market Message.

ELR helps our clients to refine their market message. Most clients are busy. They don’t have the time or expertise to craft a persuasive sales message. We can help. We are aware of market trends, organizational reputations and attorney interests. We always ensure that our clients enter the market with the most attractive sales message possible.

Focus the Internal Hiring Team.

It can be difficult to get internal consensus around a new hire. We work with our clients to identify the required skill set and gain internal buy-in to the entire search process. We can help a search that has been languishing to move forward quickly and effectively.

Obtain Market Feedback.

We are constantly contacting the legal market, both clients and candidates. We hear feedback and opinions from attorneys routinely and, when asked, are happy to share this feedback with our clients. This feedback process is sharpened when a client hires us to do a search. If desired, we will be tactful but honest regarding a client’s market perception – conveying both the strengths and the challenges. Often, an awareness of market reputation and candidate feedback can make the difference between the success and failure of a search.

Save Time.

ELR drafts position descriptions, contacts and follows-up with candidates, conducts personal interviews, drafts interview reports and comparative summaries and counsels clients with regard to every aspect of the hiring process. Finding the right attorney requires a lot of time. Even if a client has a stack of resumes on its desk, it can be daunting to sift the wheat from the chaff. We handle every aspect of the search from start to finish, allowing our clients to participate only when they want to do so and enabling them to efficiently conduct a search while continuing to operate their business.

Work with the Best.

ELR’s recruiters have been successful for years in a variety of markets and economic climates. More importantly, we are not only effective, we are ethical. We represent our clients and bear that responsibility with pride. That means that when a client hires ELR, that client knows that it will get:

  • Professional, friendly and effective representation in the legal market
  • Diligent effort until the search is completed
  • A six-month guarantee of success following a placement
  • A promise not to solicit that client’s attorneys in accordance with the NALSC code of ethics following a placement

To discuss our services with one of our recruiters, please contact us.