October 30, 2013

Job Seekers

ELR’s mission is to help attorneys achieve their career goals and expand their professional opportunities. We know that good candidates have many options when it comes to choosing a recruiter. We distinguish ourselves by putting the candidate’s interest first. In practice, that means that:

We Strive to Build Long-Term Relationships.

We always take the time to get to know our candidates on a personal and professional basis. We ask questions and listen to the answers. We view ourselves as career counselors, not merely placement advisors. Our goal is not to find our candidate a position, it is to find the perfect position.

We Listen to Our Candidates.

Candidates often have a clear idea of where they want to take their career. Whether this means finding a lifestyle firm, joining a multinational company, changing practice areas or even finding a position outside of our normal purview (i.e., a governmental job or teaching position), we do our best to make our candidate’s dream come true. We won’t talk you out of it, we’ll help you achieve it.

We Use a No-Pressure Approach.

ELR’s recruiters have all practiced law. We understand that while our candidates may want our guidance they certainly don’t need additional pressure. We recognize that our candidates are intelligent, ambitious and successful individuals who can make up their own minds when given sufficient information. Sometimes the best path for a candidate is to remain where they are or to pursue an option that came from a source other than ELR. If we believe that is the case, then that is what we will recommend. We are here to serve our candidate. Plain and simple.

We Expedite Our Candidates’ Search.

We know which employers are hiring and what experience they seek. Our needs identification system is updated twice daily so our knowledge is always current. We understand employers’ hiring guidelines and know the best way to get a candidate considered. We help our candidates pinpoint the most likely employers and direct their search in the direction that is most likely to bear rapid results.

We Inform.

No matter how long you have practiced, it can be difficult to parse the complicated legal market. Our recruiters have years of experience helping candidates choose the best path for them. We know the major markets deeply: not just the facts but the inside information as well. We share this information candidly with our candidates so that they can make the right decision for them.

We Help You to Put Your Best Foot Forward.

Our recruiters are experts at effective presentation for lawyers. We help our candidates draft a resume and deal sheet, write a cover letter, engage in extensive interview preparation and facilitate effective communication with target firms to ensure that our candidates present the most positive presentation possible. Further, we know many of the gate-keepers and decision-makers at law firms and companies and help to make sure that our candidates materials receive the attention that they deserve.

We Advise and Advocate.

We guide our candidates through every step of the placement process, from initial consultation to acceptance of an offer. We provide coaching and advising regarding various career options and act as a sounding board when a candidate needs an objective-but-friendly opinion. We follow-up with firms and can provide additional helpful information regarding a candidate when a firm is undecided. We manage and coordinate a candidate’s interview process to allow for maximum success. We can ask the hard questions that candidates cannot ask so that they get the information they need without sacrificing their credibility. In sum, we act as a trusted advisor during an exciting and turbulent time in an attorney’s career.

We Bring Our Expertise to Bear For Our Candidates.

Collectively, our recruiters have worked with thousands of attorneys. We have significant experience in the following areas:

  • Placing partners and practice groups in new firms
  • Assisting attorneys make the transition from law firm to in-house
  • Guiding associates through a lateral move
  • Helping attorneys relocate to new markets, including markets outside of the United States
  • Assisting attorneys in leaving government positions and joining the private sector

We Always Apply the Highest Ethical Standards.

We understand that attorneys rely upon our high ethical standards when considering new employment. We will always act in the interest of our candidate and our behavior will comport with the highest ethical standards. This means that:

  • Any conversation with a candidate will be safeguarded with the utmost confidence
  • We will never share a resume or identify a candidate to any potential employer without the prior  authorization of the candidate
  • We will not communicate any personal information to a potential employer without the prior authorization of the candidate

To discuss our services with one of our recruiters, please contact us.